Click HERE  to Take the Test!!  The philosophy behind Loving Yourself First is that you can only love others as much as you love yourself. The most important relationship is the relationship between you and you.  How you interact with others has a lot to do with how you interact with yourself and how you perceive yourself.

The Colours of Love are like shades or nuances of different values that intertwine to make loving yourself first, and loving others, simple.

The Colours of love are the foundation required to truly Love Yourself First.  The Colours of love are:

1-         Welcoming,

2-         Trust,

3-         Forgiveness,

4-         Freedom,

5-         Respect,

6-         Generosity,

7-         Awareness.

Loving yourself first is choosing a life of love for yourself, attracting the happy life that you deserve.

I salute you for wanting to Take the Test to find OUT: How deep is your love?

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